Connie Lim


Connie’s love for performing and songwriting makes her known for her dynamic range of styles, both as a performer and songwriter. In fact,’s “20 Asian American Musicians You Must Get Behind” states that Connie can sing “From a bedroom whisper to a stadium belt”.

While fans prefer to watch Connie live, music lovers can enjoy her eclectic library of songs on film and tv: Lifetime movie Courting Danger, ABC Family’sTwisted, MTV’s Real World, or on soundtracks for indie movies like Old Fashioned, Sweet Talk, and Five Hours South.’s LA Music Critic Awards nominated A Better Part of Me as Best Female CD of 2013. Music Connection Magazine also published Lim as one of the hottest 100 unsigned live performers of 2013. As Connie continues to hone her craft, there’s no doubt more great music is to come.